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Aunt Ruby's German Green

Green Tomato Ind.- 85 days

A large green beefsteak. Ripe when just pink on the blossom end and brilliant green on the inside. These have a strong sweet, fruity, and slightly spicy flavor. Winner of the “2003 Best Tasting Tomato Award” and one of my personal favorites.



Green Zebra

Green Tomato Ind.75 days

One of my favorites! Juicy, never mealy, slightly acid. This is a fairly recent heirloom with small size but big flavor. Beautiful yellow-green background with bright green stripes. 75 days



Pocket Star

Green Tomato Ind.74 days

Brand new variety bred by an organic farmer from Maine. The small fruits are green with little gold flecks around the crown. Green-when-ripe tomatoes always have excellent flavor….Fedco says it “has a nice acidity with a sweet balance that moves into a full, complex tomato flavor.” Named for the sci-fi novel, Stars in My Pocket Like Grains of Sand.