Driving Directions

Directions to Henry’s Farm

Don’t Trust Your Smartphone to Have Signal!

Also, don’t trust your mapping app to locate Henry’s Farm correctly!

Use the instructions and map below to make sure you find us. Print them out in case lack of signal prevents you from accessing it online while you are on the way to us.

Driving Directions From Chicagoland

  1. On US I-55 South, take Exit 187 Chenoa to Route 24 West
  2. In 28 miles, in Eureka, turn left onto IL-117 South / South Main Street
  3. In 4.6 miles, turn left onto County Rd 475N
  4. In 1 mile, turn right onto Grimm Rd.
  5. In 1/2 mile turn left at 432 Grimm, and take the gravel lane all the way to the end

Driving Directions From East or West

  1. From US I-74, take Exit 112 Goodfield to Route 117 North
  2. In 2.3 miles, turn right onto County Rd 475N
  3. In 1 mile, turn right onto Grimm Rd.
  4. In 1/2 mile turn left at 432 Grimm, and take the gravel lane all the way to the end
Map - Getting to Henry's Farm

CSA Members: What to Do if You Miss Your Normal Tuesday Pick Up

If you are unable to pick up your share at the regular pick-up location on Tuesday, you may pick up at the farm on Wednesday. If you'd like to do this, text Henry before noon Wednesday to let him know you'll be picking up on-farm.

He will make sure your share is in the cooler, ready for you to pick up any time after 10am. Follow the driving directions above, and the pick-up instructions below.  Thank you!

Side of shed

Continue driving along the lane beside the shed

Garage Door Entrance

Do a little u-turn to the shed entrance. Park outside. Walk into the area behind the big garage-sized door. If it is closed, used the pedestrian entrance at the far left in the photo.

Cooler Door

Inside, head toward the door to the walk-in cooler to the left of the ice machine

Door Knob

To enter the cooler, lift UP on the door handle. (You may need to push the door into the door frame a little while lifting up to get it to unlatch.) Your CSA share is to the right as you enter the cooler. After you get your share, please close the cooler door securely by lifting up on the handle as you shut the door.